Historic boost of social aids from the CAF: A hope or a mere political promise?

As the second round of legislative elections come to a close, the New Popular Front (NFP) is seemingly gaining strength in the National Assembly.
Historic boost of social aids from the CAF: A hope or a mere political promise?
Historic boost of social aids from the CAF: A hope or a mere political promise?

Significant rise in Caf’s social benefits: A reality or a mirage?

This political party has proposed several social measures, a key one being the significant increase in various social aids. But is this a tangible reality or merely a political promise?

Given the divided nature of the left-wing alliance, it seems unlikely that the National Assembly will fully support their program. Despite this, the new balance of power might allow the NFP to implement its priority measures, especially the revaluation of different social aids.

The proposed changes in personalized housing assistance

During the campaign, the NFP suggested a 10% increase in the personalized housing assistance (APL), which averaged €212 per month in 2022. Beyond this revaluation, the left-wing coalition plans to introduce the « universal rent guarantee ». This measure is similar to a rent insurance that kicks in when a tenant stops paying rent. According to the NFP, this aims to « secure both landlords and tenants ».

However, it is yet to be seen if these proposed measures will come to fruition and positively impact the beneficiaries.

Other noteworthy propositions by the left-wing coalition

In addition to the possible historic revaluation of the APL, the NFP has mentioned an increase in the Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH), currently capped at €1,016.05. This benefit might be raised to the level of the minimum wage, as suggested during the NFP’s campaign. In their program, the left-wing coalition plans to revise wages by increasing the minimum wage to €1,600 net.

If implemented, these potential measures could greatly enhance the purchasing power of the French citizens.

Potential suspension of APL this summer?

Among the various social aids targeted by the NFP, the APL stands out. However, the French administration has already alerted the beneficiaries of this housing aid about a possible suspension this summer. This would affect a total of 800,000 students.

Of course, there are procedures to follow to continue receiving your APL this year. Simply access your personal space on the Caf website and indicate that you are keeping your accommodation this summer.

  • Make sure to declare your situation if you are leaving your accommodation permanently.
  • Do the same if you are leaving for the summer but plan to return for the next academic year.

Stay informed and remember that these are potential changes that could significantly impact your social benefits.

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